All your favourite Pknmx scents available to purchase in wax melt form. Each pack of MELTIES will come with one of each of the fantastic shapes listed below:

  • Heart
  • Star
  • Rose
  • Circle


Simply pick your preferred scent, then get ready to recieve four funky shapes to enjoy!


Each pack comes with 4 wax melts inside, with each wax melt giving you 15 hours burn time. That is 60 hours of fragrance per pack!



**NB Oil burner is not included with purchase


    • Remove the wax melt from the packaging and place in the top of a dry, well ventilated, melt approved potpourri or wax melt burner/warmer and do not add water! Don’t forget to extinguish the tea light candle or turn off the electrical appliance when leaving the room – never leave them unattended or within reach of children!

    • Never use heat from a stove or use any other non-certified wax melt appliance as they can get too hot.

    • Do not allow the flame from the tea light to touch the underside of the melt bowl (the part where the wax melt sits). There should be at least a two inch clearance or it could catch on fire.    

    • Do not melt the wax if the melting bowl contains less than 1cm of wax, either add another melt or discard the wax!

    • When the wax melt has cooled it will solidify again, you can either re-use the wax until the fragrance has been consumed or remove from the melt bowl.

    • Burning wax melts involves hot melted wax and possibly a candle flame (if using tea light burns); these two things can be very dangerous, so take extreme care and enjoy the wonderful Pknmx fragrances that are available.