Meet Victoria!

Hello, I'm Victoria.

I'm a 30-something food-loving, ukulele-playing, scented candle aficionado. Welcome to my brain child.

PKNMX was born during Summer '19 in my parents' kitchen whilst I was going through a brief period of funemployment. I'd always been into scented candles and usually had a jar or two (or seven) potted around my room.

One particular day, I had run out of all my candles and was gearing up to visit my local store to purchase new ones when I thought "hang on, instead of paying all that money, why not just make my own? Surely it can't be that hard..." 

Well, it was.

Or rather, it wasn't as straightforward as I thought it would be. It turns out there's actual science to be done (measurements and proportions are key) and different chemicals involved in making candles that burn cleanly as well as have a good scent-throw.

I immersed myself into all the reading all the candle-related information I could get my hands on, as well as making as many candles as I could. With the help of very trusted friends, who agreed to be selfless guinea pigs, I went through many variations of scents (fragrance oils vs essential oils), as well as wax blends (soy vs paraffin) before finally settling on the pknmx formula that creates the wonderful candles I have today.

The ‘pick and mix’ element of my candles was created partly out of the frustration of taking such a long time to decide which scent I wanted to buy because I wanted them ALL and partly because during my testing phase, the scents I loved the most where the sweet, fruity ones and it reminded me a bit of being in a sweet shop as a kid. I wanted a candle that would give me multiple options in the one jar! So the two parts came together, and here we are.


In addition, each candle is made with a very safe dye that gives off a wonderful effect when burning. In my humble opinion, this is what brings the pknmx candle to life and causes aesthetic and olfactory bliss!

I really hope you enjoy my candles as much as I do (there is always a pknmx candle burning somewhere in my apartment*) and that it adds a bit of joy and sparkle to your day.

Love, Victoria.

*not for more than 4 hours at a time (candle safety is paramount)