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Playful scents for every occasion

Bespoke candles made to order, with love

Unique scents and gorgeous colours...

Each candle is mixed together and hand-poured with the utmost diligence to create a unique aesthetic and olfactory experience. 


Feel spoilt for choice...

Unable to choose just one scent?

Why not pick and mix your flavours and get up to three* delicious scents in one jar!

[*from 300ml jars and up]

Why pknmx?

My love for scented candles one day led me to buy a bag of wax, a pillar mould, candle wicks and essential oils. Needless to say, the first candle I made smelt like absolutely nothing and I soon realised that I'd need to know a lot more and maybe use a bit of science to create the type of candles I'd really like. Four months, countless hours of research and many failed attempts later, PKNMX was born...


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